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Educators and students of all ages will be inspired and equipped with practical solutions to better their lives and careers.


"If you have a dream, make sure you see Mr. Jordan Green-Ellis, 'CAUSE he'll get you there!"

– Mr. Chris Corinthian, Director of Mentoring at Savannah State University

As an award-winning inspirational speaker with relevant messages, Jordan not only inspires and connects with his innovative presentation style, he also utilizes the, “Musical Intelligence,” stemming from his background as a musician, to connect with his wide range of audiences. As one of the leading experts in college and career readiness, he has been pivotal in the educational and personal development of students nationwide.

Jordan is the author of the debt-free degree manual entitled “Caps & Gowns All Smiles No Frowns; The Keys to Earning a Debt-Free Degree” and the founder of Caps & Gowns University which aims to empower and equip families to and through college graduation, so that debt won’t be a part of their destiny!

“This event was one of the best that I have attended in a very long time!”
Tristen Gorrell
Senior Student Leader
“He takes the time to really know the needs of not only the program organizer but the audience and the student population, he is really a specialist and a practitioner in the work of education overall.”
Mr. Roodinz Vital
Director of Fraternity & Sorority Life
“I would definitely recommend Jordan to staff at other institutions who are looking for training on how to work with, motivate and encourage students on being successful in school and in life.”
Dr. Cherilyn Lacy
Assistant Dean of Faculty
“I wish I had someone like him when I was getting ready to go to college.”
Ms. Kai Edin-Nelson
Program Manager

Caps & Gowns All Smiles No Frowns:
The Keys to Earning a Debt Free Degree

Life after graduation can be a fulfilled dream or an unbearable nightmare. Like Jordan, you’ve intended for it to be filled with times of joy and most importantly financial stability. After all, we go to college to be able to obtain stable careers, right? Although this may be our dream, many students who are preparing to attend college do not prepare for the financial commitment that is attached. For this reason, the student loan crisis in America has grown to an over $1.5 Trillion industry which ultimately creates an additional obstacle in obtaining the financial stability you dream of.

“If we only dream of financial stability for ourselves and our children and do not prepare, we will subject our paychecks to the plague of student loan payments for decades.” -Jordan Green-Ellis

Caps & Gowns, All Smiles No Frowns is the blueprint every financially cautious parent needs and the keys that every college graduate with student loans wishes they had. You will laugh, you will cry but most importantly you will be equipped with the keys you need to achieve the goal set before you; a debt-free college education! Caps & Gowns chronicles a decade of experiences as an unprepared student and financial aid professional. In Caps & Gowns Jordan Green-Ellis teaches students and parents how to practically go about accomplishing an otherwise arduous task. The fear of the unknown as it pertains to paying for a college degree will be eradicated by the keys given in this book. No longer will you wonder how this can be done, you will be an active participant in the pursuit of a debt-free college degree for yourself or your child.

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