Caps & Gowns University (CGU) is a comprehensive online college preparatory course and community primarily geared towards high school families (students & parents) and non-traditional aspiring college students who desire to pursue a college education free from student loan debt. While CGU will encompass sessions that give depth on the college admissions & registration process our primary focus is the financial commitment associated with attending a college or university. We desire that scholars attend colleges and universities free from student loan debt.


CGU will encompass information to aid students in their college on boarding process. Coursework topics are (but not limited to) the following: 

  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

  • Instruction/Assistance for Students without a Social Security Number

  • Institutional Awards

  • Departmental Awards

  • State Awards

  • Selective Services* (Male Students)

  • Scholarship Essay Completion Assistance

  • Verification Selection

  • Intent to Enroll Forms*

  • Individual Plan of Action for Matriculation

  • Obtaining Debt-Free Funds

  • Maximizing Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

  • Navigating the Financial Aid process

  • Resume/Cover Letter Support

  • Career Readiness Exploration

  • Actionable steps to avoid common pitfalls of the college readiness process

  • Enhancing students’ presentation to scholarship committees

  • Decreasing/Eliminating the usage of Federal & Private Student Loans

  • Emergency Action Plan for Families who have already borrowed Student Loans*

  • College & Career Roadmap


Caps & Gowns University is an online course and community that will provide information to aid students in their matriculation through college. Each student will receive the following at the discounted rate of $500/Annually or $50/Monthly.


CGU students must have the following in order to succeed in the course:

  • Caps & Gowns All Smiles, No Frowns; The Keys to Earning a Debt-Free Degree Book

  • Computer/Mobile Device

  • Wi-fi 

Caps & Gowns University will be powered through a private facebook group for CGU Scholars only. If scholars do not have or are banned from Facebook please reach out directly through our administrative email address (

frequently asked questions

Caps & Gowns University will be course that families are able to work at their own pace. Live monthly sessions will be through Zoom & the Private Facebook group.

GCU sessions are administered on a monthly basis. So that you are not overloaded with screen time and additional coursework, our monthly sessions allow time to prioritize your schedule outside of CGU coursework.

CGU students will have 24 hour email access to have specialized questions answered.

Googling will hypothetically allow you to find possible options in paying for school. The number one way will incorporate the use of student loans whereas Caps & Gowns freely gives you the way to earn a debt-free degree so that your financial future will be in place.

Purchases are non-refundable.

If you implement the keys, you will surely be well on your way to earning a debt-free degree. Once you have the keys, you will then be responsible to unlock those doors. Results WILL vary.

Are you ready to join Caps & Gowns University?