Speaking Topics

Jordan has crafted several impactful and inspiring messages for your students, parents and educators. His presentations are data driven and solution oriented for topics such as mental health, resilience, decreasing student loan usage, social emotional learning, college & career readiness, academic excellence, parent involvement, team building & leadership development, and responsible use of social media & technology. Jordan’s presentation gives attendees a tangible sense of hope and practical solutions for the future. Listed below is a partial list of Jordan’s dynamic presentations!

Diversity Equity & Inclusion

"The Time is Now!": Unlocking the Secrets to Surpassing the Dreams of our Ancestors!

A world that is equitable for all is one that all should strive to create. The Time is Now keynote presentation will not only inspire but most importantly equip all listeners with practical tools to accomplish the dream of equitable living for all.

Upon completion attendees will be able to:

Welcome Week/Orientation/Student Success

"Caps & Gowns All Smiles No Frowns": The Keys to Success in College & Beyond

What do you do when your first-time freshmen and/or returning students want to withdraw after a tough semester or two?  After the initial joys of the newness of campus life, many students are met with a harsh reality check. Coupled with the growing narrative of the “relevance of a college degree”, many students, unfortunately, choose to withdraw.

The Keys to Success in College & Beyond presentation strategically and practically administers a framework for a healthy transition to and matriculation through college, so that students will be able to continually “unlock” and “open” doors in front of them.

Upon completion attendees will be able to:

Leadership Development

"Make Your Mark”: Equipping leaders to succeed while they’re here and when they're gone!

Take a moment to imagine your ideal year as a leader, what would it look like? Know that your dream can be accomplished, it can be your reality! 

This relevant, engaging & inspiring keynote or workshop presentation is inclusive of best practices and strategies for success in student leadership and will leave participants equipped with practical keys to leave a legacy!

Upon completion attendees will be able to:

Mental Health

"Watch Your Mouth": How to win when challenges just won't go away!

While campus life can be full of fun and excitement, we know without a doubt that tough times are on the horizon.  Jordan’s mental health presentation empowers and equips listeners with practical keys to overcome life’s most significant challenges.

He shares from personal experience in overcoming challenges as a campus leader and young professional.

Jordan aims to shine light on data-driven strategies that will aid each listener in overcoming their current and future obstacles. 

Upon completion attendees will be able to:


"The Elephant in the Room": Standing up, when you don’t feel tough.

Just about one-third of today’s students are experiencing bullying in some form or fashion. In more recent years the rising popularity of social media has enhanced this ever present issue. Jordan has an impactful message that properly addresses the issue of bullying and its true effects on both parties.

Upon completion attendees will be able to:

VALUE/Self Advocacy/Self-Confidence/Self-Care/Mental Health/ Resilience

"DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH": Do you know how valuable you really are?

Do you know who you really are? While the world projects and promotes false identity amidst life’s tumultuous situations, Jordan’s presentation “Diamond in the Rough” empowers listeners with affirmations and data-driven strategies to reinforce their true identities that do not solely rest in our moments of weakness or failure.

Jordan uses hope to eradicate the seeds of anxiety and stress which plague many of our people today. Listeners will leave the session equipped with the tools to reinforce their value, which will lead to a greater sense of purpose, ambition and achievement.

Upon completion attendees will be able to:

For Parents

"Involvement = Achievement": Aiding & Equipping our scholars for Academic Success.

This keynote/workshop highlights the direct connection between the academic and social success of a student and the involvement of their guardian.

Upon completion attendees will be able to:

For Parents

"Caps & Gowns All Smiles No Frowns": The Keys to Earning A Debt-Free Degree!

Congratulations, your child has finally received an acceptance letter to their dream institution! The next 4 years of your life will be filled with knowledge in preparation for you or your child’s future. After all, we go to college to be able to obtain stable career’s right? Most students who are preparing to attend college do not prepare for the financial commitment that is attached.

“If we only dream of financial stability for ourselves and our children and do not prepare, we will subject our paychecks to the plague of student loan payments for decades.” -Jordan Green-Ellis

Upon completion attendees will be able to:

For Educators

"Not a Student, But a Story Not Yet Complete": Preparing our babies for success when the odds are stacked against them.

Let’s face it, there are times our babies encounter situations that are seemingly insurmountable. Sometimes, they even cause them. Yet still, there is the potential for a successful story to be written amidst all of the drama.

Educator; you are called to this work! Consequently, because you are called, you are the only one qualified to co-author the stories of our students. Every student has a story! Could it be that we face challenges in our classrooms because there are far too many pseudo co-authors?

This interactive workshop-style professional development is inclusive of best practices to enhance, encourage and equip participants to thrive in the classroom.

Upon completion attendees will be able to:

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